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Asia's #1 Graphite Iron Shafts

The most winning graphite iron shafts in history, SteelFiber delivers uniquely designed graphite shafts for the Asian market.

The Number 1 Graphite Iron Golf Shaft on the PRO TOURS

With more pro tour wins than any other graphite iron shaft in history, SteelFiber golf shafts by Aerotech Golf are a true game-changer. Our innovative designs and unique material engineering help players sharpen their game while reducing fatigue and injury.

Hit straighter. Hit longer and with less effort. Reduce your risk of injury or aggravating an existing injury.
Welcome to the best rounds of your life.


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Aerotech Golf
Aerotech Golf23 minutes ago
SteelFiber shafts are moving on to the TOUR Championship...
Aerotech Golf
Aerotech Golf28 minutes ago

SteelFiber i95 — T5 at BMW Championship and T4 at Dick's Sporting Goods Open

SteelFiber i110 — 2nd & 3rd at Dick's Sporting Goods Open
Aerotech Golf
Aerotech Golf16 hours ago
It's great putting SteelFiber in play at the TOUR Championship. Let's go!
Aerotech Golf
Aerotech Golf17 hours ago
This sums it up nicely. #SteelFiber
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