Aerotech Golf Partners with KZG


BELLINGHAM, Wash. — The No. 1 composite iron shaft manufacturer on the PGA TOUR, Aerotech Golf proudly announces that KZG, the #1 Custom ProLine, will now offer SteelFiber i70, i80, i95 and i110 composite irons shafts to its authorized dealers.

“We are delighted to team up with AeroTech and offer our dealers the exciting SteelFiber shafts in our KZG custom-built clubs. Because we work with the finest fitters around the globe, it is imperative that we offer the widest range of clubheads with the widest spectrum of high-performance shafts so that our fitters can perfectly fit every golfer," says Jennifer King, president of KZG. "We believe AeroTech's SteelFiber shafts are now a must-have for our customers