Aerotech Shafts Set New Standard at Dimension Z


BELLINGHAM, Wash. – Aerotech Golf proudly announces that Dimension Z Golf – golf's premium producer of professionally fit, precision-manufactured golf clubs – has incorporated ultra-high-quality Aerotech Golf shafts as part of its standard product offerings.

Because of the unparalleled uniformity and consistency of Aerotech Golf shafts, Dimension Z Golf clubs now exclusively feature proprietary shafts based on Aerotech's SteelFiber technology in its irons and Aerotech PowerCoil shaft technology in its woods, explains Don Ingermann, founder and CEO of Dimension Z Golf.

“Of all the shaft brands and models we've tested over the years, Aerotech shafts are the best at providing uniformity. That's the key reason we use Aerotech.” says Ingermann, who is also a former CEO for the golf equipment giant Ben Hogan.

Ingermann explains that while many golf club manufacturers may use