Aerotech’s Claymore Shaft Wins Women’s California Championship


BELLINGHAM, Washington — Golf’s leader in composite shaft innovation, Aerotech Golf announces that its Claymore shafts delivered the title at the 2011 Champion of Champions Women’s Golf Association of Northern California, held in Woodlands, Calif.

The new WGNC champion from Half Moon Bay, Calif., out-drove the competition using the Claymore MX48 (F3 flex) in her driver. The champion also won Closest to the Hole honors, landing three-feet, seven-inches from the pin on Hole #7 at the Yolo Fliers Club. The winning driver was custom built by Nick Manzano of Nick’s Golf in Davis, Calif. For more information on Nick's Golf, call 530.400.4357.

“The Claymore is really a preview into the new age of driver shafts. The shaft is an entirely new generation of very stable, low-torque super-light weight golf shafts that are designed to provide top performance for today's golfers. With clubhead designs increasing in size and players generally growing stronger and more powerful, the dynamic forces placed on golf shafts are dramatically different than they were typically 10, 20 or 30 years ago. With new materials and new design, the Claymore provides all the benefits of a super light weight golf shaft while maintaining the accuracy and stability of more traditional weighted shafts. When it comes to form-meets-function, this shaft is a real game changer,” says Chris Hilleary, president of Aerotech Golf.

Specifically designed to enhance performance of today's new generation of stronger players and larger clubheads, the Claymore is an exciting lightweight, filament-wound design engineered for a seamless, extremely uniform and stable flexing golf shaft. The Claymore driver and fairway wood shafts utilize a new micro-thin Micro-Tex Carbon Fiber that allows more high-modulus fibers to be incorporated into specific fiber angles including the hoop wound (90