Aerotech's Claymore Shafts Win RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship


An industry leader in innovative composite shaft technology, Aerotech Golf reports that its super-light, low-torque Claymore graphite shaft delivered the longest distance and the Super Senior Division title at the 2012 RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship, held in Mesquite, Nev.


Eric Jones of Pleasanton, Calif., launched a winning 369-yard drive swinging a driver which featured an Aerotech Claymore MX60 graphite shaft and Geek No Brainer head. The driver was built by professional clubfitter John Greenwood of Dublin, Calif. No stranger to long drive competition, Jones previously won the 2003 RE/MAX World Long Drive Senior Champion title and LDA Long Drive Tour Senior Rookie of the Year for 2004.


"The Claymore is a lightweight, filament-wound shaft specifically engineered to provide an extremely stable and uniform flexing golf shaft. The stability and consistency it provides — even during the most powerful golf swings — has made the shaft a favorite for amongst long drive competitors and players with very high clubhead speeds," says Aerotech Golf President Chris Hilleary. "The Claymore marks a new generation of very stable, low-torque super-light weight golf shafts. We've designed the softer flexes to improve launch conditions for the slower swing speeds, while at the same time the firmer flexes can handle powerful swings so that players can enjoy the benefits of a super light weight golf shaft no matter what their swing speed is."

The Claymore shafts utilize a new micro-thin Micro-Tex Carbon Fiber that allows more high-modulus fibers to be incorporated into specific fiber angles including the hoop wound (90