Aerotech's Claymore Sweeps First-, Second- and Third-Place in Long Drive


BELLINGHAM, Washington — An industry leader in innovative composite shaft technology, Aerotech Golf reports that its new Claymore LD400 driver shaft took first-, second- and third-place at the recent Long Drive Qualifier in Pleasanton, Calif. The Claymore-powered drives allowed long drive competitors Tim Byrne, Stuart Yoshida, and 16-year-old Dominic Mazza to advance to regionals and vie for a chance at the Re/MAX World Long Drive Championship held later this year in Mesquite, Nev.

Byrne, Yoshida and Mazza all blasted shots of more than 362 yards with drivers built by professional clubfitter John Greenwood of of Greenwoods Golf in Dublin, Calif. In a local qualifier in Aurora, Colo., Andrew Hyatt also used a Claymore LD400 shafted driver built by Greenwood to score a 386-yard drive that earned him a coveted first round bye in the event.

"It's no secret that success on the Long Drive Tour boils down to one performance factor — distance; and, we're very pleased to see the all-new Claymore shaft perform just as it was designed to do. The Claymore is a very stable, low-torque super-lightweight golf shaft that has been specifically designed to deliver maximum performance even when under the extreme forces generated by Long Drive competitors," says Chris Hilleary, president of Aerotech Golf. "Typically, stronger players must sacrifice the increased swing speed offered by lighter weight shafts in exchange for durability, yet we have combined creative material engineering with an innovative composite design to give them the best of both worlds."

The Claymore shaft features a new micro-thin Micro-Tex Carbon Fiber and incorporates more high-modulus fibers at specific fiber angles, including the hoop wound (90