Aerotech's Claymore Wins Again on Long Drive Tour


BELLINGHAM, Washington – An industry leader in innovative composite shaft technology, Aerotech Golf reports that John Lawson of Napa, Calif., won two Open Division titles at the Long Drive Qualifier in Pleasanton, Calif., using a new Claymore LD400 driver shaft.

The Claymore delivered drives of more than 350 yards with uncanny accuracy, as Lawson went four-for-six and six-for-six in the grid in each of his two competitions. Lawson now advances to the Region 9 and Region 7 competitions for a chance to compete in the ReMax World Long Drive Championships held later this year in Mesquite, Nev. Lawson's drivers were custom built by professional clubfitter John Greenwood of Greenwoods Golf in Dublin, Calif.

“We have built the Aerotech reputation on innovative composite shaft designs and creative material engineering, and the new Claymore is a great example of how these concepts come together to create a very stable, low-torque super-lightweight golf shaft. The Claymore Long Drive series is a new generation of golf shafts that have been designed to withstand the forces generated by modern Long Drive competitors. It allows a player to enjoy the benefits of a super lightweight golf shaft regardless of their swing speed,” says Chris Hilleary, president of Aerotech Golf.

Utilizing a new micro-thin Micro-Tex Carbon Fiber, the Claymore shaft incorporates more high-modulus fibers at specific fiber angles, including the hoop wound (90