SteelFiber Players Finish Strong at Toto Japan Classic


BELLINGHAM, Wash. — SteelFiber i80 graphite iron shafts, designed and manufactured by Aerotech Golf, delivered low scores in the final round to earn two Top Fives at the Toto Japan Classic on the LPGA Tour

Playing SteelFiber i80 shafts in her irons, the Australian pro who was the Number One ranked amateur golfer in 2014 and who is now a three-time winner on the LPGA Tour shot 70-67-67 for a fifth-place tie at the Toto Japan Classic. A young Thailand pro also playing SteelFiber i80 graphite iron shafts claimed a T5 finish with a 71-67-66.

"This week's play at the Toto Japan Classic was a great demonstration of the performance benefits of SteelFiber shafts," says Chris Hilleary, president of Aerotech Golf. "More than 65 percent of the players in the field at this event had final round scores that were higher or equal to their scores in the first round. In comparison, SteelFiber players had their lowest or equal to their lowest score in the final round of the event. While SteelFiber shafts delivery stability and increased distance, they also allow players to play their best for longer and finish strong."

SteelFiber graphite shafts are making an impact on professional tours, and demonstrating that graphite shafts irons are the next real evolution in golf equipment," says Chris Hilleary, president of Aerotech Golf. "SteelFiber shafts have introduced game-changing innovation that is delivering unique performance benefits that are appreciated by amateur and professional golfers alike. Unlike any other shaft in golf, the unique SteelFiber technology provides stability and shot consistency while it simultaneously provides greater vibration dampening, reduces player fatigue, and increases clubhead speed and ball distance."

SteelFiber shafts provide superior performance through innovative composite engineering that combines a high-modulus graphite core with 59 miles of steel fiber lacing the shaft surface. The shaft's graphite core provides vibration dampening, increased clubhead speed and maximum distance, while the steel fibers produce optimum weighting for a solid feel at impact and add stability and control for pinpoint accuracy.

For the 2016 season, SteelFiber shafts delivered 20 wins on pro tours around the world as well as won the coveted CME Race for the Globe Trophy and 2016 Money Title on the LPGA Tour. Players with SteelFiber shafts routinely rank high on the PGA Money List, Official World Golf Rankings and the FedEx Cup Season Points. In 2013, for example, SteelFiber players ranked No. 2 and No. 3 in the FedEx Cup Season Points and ended overall as No. 3 and No. 5 on the PGA Money List. SteelFiber shafts won the highly prized FedEx Cup in 2012.

Aerotech Golf shafts are available as custom options with many nationally celebrated golf club manufacturers such as Callaway, Titleist, TaylorMade, Ping, Nike Golf, Bridgestone Golf, Wilson, Cleveland Golf, Miura, PXG, Srixon, KZG and Nakashima Golf. Aerotech Golf shafts are also available through professional golf clubfitters around the world. Aerotech Golf is a proud supporter of the Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals (AGCP) and the International Clubmakers Guild (ICG).

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