What Players are Saying

I have been playing your MX48 F5 shaft in my driver now for around three weeks. It is hard to figure out one's driving distance on the course but I know without a doubt I am at least 15-20 yards longer with the MX48 over any of the other shafts I have had in my main driver, including a couple that were four times the cost. This is one great shaft and it needs to be promoted more strongly. You guys are known for your shafts for irons, but not for woods. Let's change that!
— Don Thompson

I put the Players Spec Ami99 shafts in a set of Scorgolf shaft/clubhead combination I have ever hit. I increased my trajectory by at least 30% (I have always been a low ball hitter and was looking for a way to hit it higher) and, because of a better launch angle, I hit the irons about 8-10 yards longer per club. The shaft is so stable. When I try to draw or fade the ball, it comes off the face just as I want and is so predictable. Thank you so much.
— Tim Krumnow, PGA Professional/Master Club Fitter

I play the SteelFiber i95 iron shafts and really love the feel and performance they give me. Moving away from the x100's and into the SteelFiber i95's has allowed me to develop three different trajectories, instead of just a high and low. Plus, I've picked up a few more yards in the process.
— Cameron Beckman, PGA Tour pro

Just wanted to drop an email about my experience with the i80 Steelfiber Shafts. I had them installed in my Ping G2 irons in the spring of 2011. I have played graphite shafts since 1995 and I have been looking for a shaft that was as good as the Loomis GL382 I had in the Ping's I played in college. I must say that after two years of use, they are the most stable and consistent shafts I have ever used. I can easily move the ball high and low and left and right. Additionally, I have gained 10 yards of distance and moved my index from 2.4 down to +2.1 over the course of the last two years. These are truly fantastic iron shafts and well worth the price! Thanks!
— Brent Mertz, Kansas City, MO