What Players are Saying

After playing DG X100s for 30 years, I recently switched to Steelfiber i110 shafts on my new irons (R15 TPs). Your staff's suggestion to go to the i110 instead of the i125 was spot on. I am a scratch golfer and play five days a week. I have had my new irons for one month now and I love them. I was scared to make the switch after so many years of playing X100s. Turns out the shafts perform as well as the X100s with the added benefit that my elbow and wrist are not taking a beating. Keep up the good work.
— Kurt Wolmart

I have a set of your SteelFiber i110 iron shafts. I love them. BEST SHAFTS EVER! I am 57-years-old and may need to go lighter one day, but right now I'm hitting them 10- to 15-yards further then anything else. They are in a set of Mizuno MP-54 irons. Thanks for creating such awesome and beautiful shafts.
— Tim Ford, Arllington, Texas

I recently installed a SS75 fairway shaft (R-flex) in a customer's Wishon 915 Fairway/Hybrid 18-degree. This customer took my recommendation for this shaft. He was hitting his 5-wood right at 200 yards before changing to the SS75. After I installed the SS75, he came back to the shop and asked me to play golf with him. He is now hitting his same 5-wood over 220 yards and straighter than ever before. I cannot say enough good things about these shafts, and they perform better than shafts costing much more. They continue to amaze me.
— Bob Roberts, Professional Clubmaker

Thank you for introducing me to John at JTClubs in San Francisco, Calif. After two fitting sessions, hitting over 200 balls, over 15 shafts tried (few shafts of different weight and flex from each brand KBS, Nippon, Aerotech etc), we decided that SteelFiber i95 shafts (regular flex) are the best for me. To me they have the best feel, best average carry, best smash factor, best group, and smallest concentrated sweet spot hit. My 6-iron swing speed average with the SteelFiber i95 was 91mph and carry average 195 yards. Now I just have to wait till I get my clubs made and replicate what I did on that simulator on to the course.
— Hengky Muljono, Pleasanton CA