What Players are Saying

I've now hit my Bridgestone J40 irons with SteelFiber shafts twice. They are fantastic! Trajectory is high but controllable. Feel is great! Plus, there was absolutely no impact on my ailing elbows. Thanks very much.
— Dan McElroy, Dallas, Texas

Just wanted let you know that the Steelfiber i95s shafts are amazing. I've been playing golf my whole life, and I recently picked up a set of Ping S55 irons fit with the SteelFiber i95s. Not only did I gain a half club over my other clubs, these are easier to swing, and ridiculously straight. I've never hit the ball this straight and consistently with any irons I've ever used, and I've used them all. Every blade/shaft combo that you can imagine, I've tried. You have got a terrific product, and it's all I'll use from now on.
— Skip Small, Lancaster, SC

I was first introduced to the Aerotech Claymore shaft by John Greenwood of Greenwood's Golf Clubs. The Claymore is a revolutionary shaft that offers the feel and feedback of traditional playing shafts, yet produces the tremendous distance of long drive oriented shafts. The Aerotech Claymore is extremely stable and consistent with a nice kick through impact, and these attributes have made it my shaft of choice when I tee it up in Long Drive competitions.
— Dan Depner, Three-Time ReMAX World Long Drive Championship Open Division Finalist

I play the SteelFiber i95 iron shafts and really love the feel and performance they give me. Moving away from the x100's and into the SteelFiber i95's has allowed me to develop three different trajectories, instead of just a high and low. Plus, I've picked up a few more yards in the process.
— Cameron Beckman, PGA Tour pro