What Players are Saying

Just wanted let you know that the Steelfiber i95s shafts are amazing. I've been playing golf my whole life, and I recently picked up a set of Ping S55 irons fit with the SteelFiber i95s. Not only did I gain a half club over my other clubs, these are easier to swing, and ridiculously straight. I've never hit the ball this straight and consistently with any irons I've ever used, and I've used them all. Every blade/shaft combo that you can imagine, I've tried. You have got a terrific product, and it's all I'll use from now on.
— Skip Small, Lancaster, SC

I put the Players Spec Ami99 shafts in a set of Scorgolf shaft/clubhead combination I have ever hit. I increased my trajectory by at least 30% (I have always been a low ball hitter and was looking for a way to hit it higher) and, because of a better launch angle, I hit the irons about 8-10 yards longer per club. The shaft is so stable. When I try to draw or fade the ball, it comes off the face just as I want and is so predictable. Thank you so much.
— Tim Krumnow, PGA Professional/Master Club Fitter

After playing DG X100s for 30 years, I recently switched to Steelfiber i110 shafts on my new irons (R15 TPs). Your staff's suggestion to go to the i110 instead of the i125 was spot on. I am a scratch golfer and play five days a week. I have had my new irons for one month now and I love them. I was scared to make the switch after so many years of playing X100s. Turns out the shafts perform as well as the X100s with the added benefit that my elbow and wrist are not taking a beating. Keep up the good work.
— Kurt Wolmart

I had a wrist injury several years ago and recently decided after much research to change my shafts to the SteelFiber CW110 from Dynamic Gold SL. The shafts are much easier to load than most other graphite shafts and produce a consistent non-ballooning ball flight. The iron shots produce a nice dispersion pattern and they can be moved in either direction with ease. There is a dampened impact with the ground and in the cold (at least to 31 degrees). As a side note, my friends are a bit concerned as my 5 begins to plummet back down to where it once was, and perhaps translates to some senior success as I turn 50 next year.
— Dr. Rich Brown