What Players are Saying

My irons were recently re-shafted with SteelFiber i80 graphite shafts and I want to let you know how pleased I am with them. I enjoy the soft feel, the solid sensation without vibration with a pure strike, and am hitting them about 1/2 club longer than my previous steel shafted irons. These shafts have given me a lot of confidence playing and am enjoying the clubs immensely.
— Jim C.

I was first introduced to the Aerotech Claymore shaft by John Greenwood of Greenwood's Golf Clubs. The Claymore is a revolutionary shaft that offers the feel and feedback of traditional playing shafts, yet produces the tremendous distance of long drive oriented shafts. The Aerotech Claymore is extremely stable and consistent with a nice kick through impact, and these attributes have made it my shaft of choice when I tee it up in Long Drive competitions.
— Dan Depner, Three-Time ReMAX World Long Drive Championship Open Division Finalist

I have been a personalized pro-line clubmaker for 34 years. Just recently I started installing Aerotech Golf products for my customers. One customer had soreness in his elbow and asked if I had any Aerotech products in stock. I had one SteelFiber i95 that I put in his 5-iron. Within two weeks, I replaced all three sets of his irons with that shaft. He is a very happy man. I also replaced all my own irons with i95's. Thank you.
— Bob Davies, Bob's Custom Golf Clubs, Murrieta, CA

After playing DG X100s for 30 years, I recently switched to Steelfiber i110 shafts on my new irons (R15 TPs). Your staff's suggestion to go to the i110 instead of the i125 was spot on. I am a scratch golfer and play five days a week. I have had my new irons for one month now and I love them. I was scared to make the switch after so many years of playing X100s. Turns out the shafts perform as well as the X100s with the added benefit that my elbow and wrist are not taking a beating. Keep up the good work.
— Kurt Wolmart