What Players are Saying

I just wanted to personally thank you for the opportunity in playing your shafts. Zane at Cool Clubs Australia has been helping me greatly in trying to find a missing link with my irons as I'm trying to move from Titleist 710 AP2's into 714 AP2's. I had Project X in 710's but nothing seemed to feel right in the 714 heads til now. Zane suggested the Steelfiber shafts as I'm looking to go lighter to increase my clubhead and ball speed. Amazing. Zane built them just in time as he finished them at 7:30pm last Thursday and I left for Japan first thing Friday. Straight away I said to Zane "WOW, Where has this shaft been all my career?" The shaft was incredible. I have never in my 15 years as a Tour pro hit a shaft that felt as good as the Steelfiber i95. The contact feels like I'm hitting a tennis ball it seems to stay on the face longer with a softer feel, yet my ball speed had increased 3-4 mph. The stability control is amazing. I know where the clubhead is at all times which enables me to hit any shape I want with great distance control and accuracy. Even a miss hit has a solid feel without loosing much distance or accuracy. I'm playing in Japan this week and your shafts are in the bag and look forward to finding out how good the Steelfiber i95 shaft performs under pressure.
— Brad Kennedy

My irons were recently re-shafted with SteelFiber i80 graphite shafts and I want to let you know how pleased I am with them. I enjoy the soft feel, the solid sensation without vibration with a pure strike, and am hitting them about 1/2 club longer than my previous steel shafted irons. These shafts have given me a lot of confidence playing and am enjoying the clubs immensely.
— Jim C.

Just wanted to thank you for making a awesome product. I have SteelFiber i95 shafts (R-flex) in my Callaway X22 Tour irons and I can-t believe how well they perform. Many times you hear all the hype, but with your product, it's true. I've never had such consistent ball flight, and I've honestly gained actual yardage. These shafts are unbelievable! I've been telling anyone who will listen about your shafts. Thank you!
— Bob Josefson, Cortland, Ill.

I just wanted to say thank you. I am in love with these shafts and I tell EVERYONE about it. I have hit better quality golf shots than I have ever hit in my life with SteelFiber i95 shafts. I am controlling my trajectory and working the ball like never before. It is truly amazing just how much of a difference your shafts have made in my golf game.
— Bryce R. Moore, Assistant Golf Professional, Shamrock Golf Club