What Players are Saying

I put the Players Spec Ami99 shafts in a set of Scorgolf shaft/clubhead combination I have ever hit. I increased my trajectory by at least 30% (I have always been a low ball hitter and was looking for a way to hit it higher) and, because of a better launch angle, I hit the irons about 8-10 yards longer per club. The shaft is so stable. When I try to draw or fade the ball, it comes off the face just as I want and is so predictable. Thank you so much.
— Tim Krumnow, PGA Professional/Master Club Fitter

After playing DG X100s for 30 years, I recently switched to Steelfiber i110 shafts on my new irons (R15 TPs). Your staff's suggestion to go to the i110 instead of the i125 was spot on. I am a scratch golfer and play five days a week. I have had my new irons for one month now and I love them. I was scared to make the switch after so many years of playing X100s. Turns out the shafts perform as well as the X100s with the added benefit that my elbow and wrist are not taking a beating. Keep up the good work.
— Kurt Wolmart

I installed SteelFiber 95 shafts in some Mizuno MP-30 irons, and I thought I would provide you with some feedback.
  The SteelFiber 95 shafts make some aspects of conventional clubmaking obsolete. I have built hundreds of clubs for myself and others over the past 20 years and always found that installing a lighter weight shaft decreased the swingweight. Not so with the SteelFiber 95.
  Swing weights with SteelFiber increased to D5 from D3 with Project X steel. The SteelFiber must have the lowest balance point of any shaft that I have used previously.
  It is great to have the option of building lightweight clubs while retaining a decent controllable feeling/swingweight.
  Wow! And awesome are words that spring immediately to mind. While I have as yet only hit these reshafted irons on the range, they feel great. I could feel the shaft accelerating and launching the ball. I estimate my distances were increased by as much as 5 metres without any feeling of loss of control.
  My plan was to keep them for later on as I got older and may still do this. However they are good enough to go in the bag for some game time now and the extra distance will be hard to resist as I am already on the wrong side of 60 years of age. I might get another set of SteelFiber shafts and put them in my primary set of Titleist irons.
  I can feel the shaft accelerating and launching the ball yet there was no lack of consistency shot to shot. I estimate that my distances with them are increased by as much as 5 metres, almost back to my heyday distances #4 iron close to 180mtrs, #5 close to 170mtrs.
  Thanks for producing such a good product, a real quantum leap in technological development. I suspect that the steelfiber will be huge in terms of market impact when the word spreads. I have already recommended them to two friends for whom I have done reshafts in the past. My local club pro had not heard of them but was very interested in my reports of them.
— Phil Marshall, Sunshine Coast Qld Australia

Thank you for introducing me to John at JTClubs in San Francisco, Calif. After two fitting sessions, hitting over 200 balls, over 15 shafts tried (few shafts of different weight and flex from each brand KBS, Nippon, Aerotech etc), we decided that SteelFiber i95 shafts (regular flex) are the best for me. To me they have the best feel, best average carry, best smash factor, best group, and smallest concentrated sweet spot hit. My 6-iron swing speed average with the SteelFiber i95 was 91mph and carry average 195 yards. Now I just have to wait till I get my clubs made and replicate what I did on that simulator on to the course.
— Hengky Muljono, Pleasanton CA