Alt 470 (.370 Parallel Tip)




Design & Technology

  • Aerotech's lightest and most flexible iron shaft
  • 90° hoop wound surface layer eliminates shaft distortion
  • Increased swing speed and reduced fatigue through ultra-light weight technology
  • Tip section design generates optimal spin rates and launch angles for slower swing speeds
  • Vibration control properties for reduced repetitive use injuries

Golf Shafts for Irons / Alt 470 (.370 Parallel Tip)

Integrating ultra-light weight and a super flexible bend profile, the ALT470 iron shaft was specifically designed to improve launch conditions and optimize shaft load for slower swing speed players seeking to maximize distance. In addition, Aerotech’s proprietary hoop wind surface layer results in an extremely stable shaft for enhanced playability and consistency. The ALT470 is offered in Fl (Flexible) flex with variable tip trimming to fine tune playing characteristics for a range of slower swing speeds.