Claymore MX48 & MX60




Design & Technology

  • Lightweight design utilizes an all-new micro-thin Micro-Tex Carbon Fiber
  • Hoop wound (90°) surface layer that minimizes shaft distortion for superior stability.
  • Designed for the new generation of larger clubheads and stronger golfers

Golf Shafts for Woods and Drivers / Claymore MX48 & MX60

Claymore MX48
Welcome to the New Age in driver shafts! Constructed with the new high-modulus Microtex carbon fiber, the Claymore MX48 is the most stable, ultra-light wood shaft in golf. The MX48’s filament wound, super light weight and moderate tip stiffness allows golfers to maximize clubhead speed without sacrificing control and accuracy. Don’t worry about overpowering this super light shaft, it won’t happen.

Claymore MX60
With the same futuristic construction as the MX48, the Claymore MX60 offers a slightly higher weight and lower torque than its lighter counterpart. The Claymore MX60 is the right choice for players looking to fine tune launch angles and spin rates. If you’ve been playing heavier golf driver shafts just to maintain stability, its time to try the new generation of ultra-lights – the Aerotech Claymore MX60 and MX48.