Powercoil HP50 & HP65




Design & Technology

  • Filament-wound design provides computer-controlled precision during construction.
  • 45 Degree Layer: 45 degree fiber for torsional stiffness and strength
  • 0 Degree Layer: 0 degree fiber for longitudinal bending stiffness and strength.

Golf Shafts for Woods and Drivers / Powercoil HP50 & HP65

Powercoil HP50
The Powercoil HP50 is one of the best ultra-lightweight golf wood shaft values in golf today. The Powercoil HP50 weighs in at just over 50 grams with a torque that is envious of even some of the highest priced ultra light shafts on the market. The shaft is designed so the softer flexes have progressively softer tips to help the slower swing speed players optimize launch conditions.

Powercoil HP65
Delivering the same great value as its sister shaft, the HP50, the Powercoil HP65 is designed for players looking for a slightly stiffer tip and lower ball flight than the 50-gram shaft. This low-torque design, combined with the hoop wind surface layer, allows the HP65 to hold up to even some of the most powerful swings. The HP65 is one of our most versatile golf wood shafts in our product line.