TiFiber Tour 70 & Pro 60




Design & Technology

  • High modulus graphite core features a full surface layer of micro-thin Titanium Fiber
  • High strength properties of Titanium create unprecedented stability
  • Hoop wound (90°) surface layer that minimizes shaft distortion for superior stability
  • Lightweight Titanium provides discretionary weight used to optimize tip stability
  • Perfect match with modern oversized Titanium Driver heads

Golf Shafts for Woods and Drivers / TiFiber Tour 70 & Pro 60

Delivering superior strength, unprecedented stability and the lightweight properties of titanium fiber composite technology, the ultra-premium TiFiber is a game-changer. TiFiber wood shafts are designed for players to attain the highest level of performance and optimize launch angles and spin rates for increased distance and pinpoint accuracy.

TiFiber Tour 70 shafts feature a “Tour Stiff” tip section to optimize flight by reducing spin and lowering trajectory. TiFiber Tour 70 is available in F5 (Stiff) and F6 (X-Stiff) flex options.

TiFiber Pro 60 has a slightly softer tip section and benefits players who need a bit more launch and spin, yet who still want the added stability of titanium. The TiFiber Pro 60 is available in F4 (Regular) and F5 (Stiff) flexes.