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"After stalling for two years, I finally replaced my True Temper XP95 shafts with the Aerotech SteelFiber i80 in my 7-, 8- and 9-irons and the SteelFiber i95 in my sand wedge. I have to say they are the best shafts I've ever hit, with the i80 giving me a high ball flight (great here in Colorado) and the i95 a lower, more penetrating flight with my SW. I don't know what you've done here, but it has become in incredibly easy to keep the ball on line - everytime! FYI, I'm getting anywhere from 5-10 yds more carry with your shafts. Thank you for this incredible technology. — Nord C., Colorado"
— Nord C., Colorado

"I was one of the first players to ever use this product (SteelFiber) and am delighted to see others follow. I believe it’s the future as it’s the first non-full steel shaft that gives me the consistency that my game is based on."
— Paul McGinley, European Senior Tour Player, former Ryder Cup Captain

"I've recently purchased new clubs with the SteelFiber i95 shafts and they are, by far, the best shafts I've ever played. Longer, straighter, and easy to hit. I couldn't be happier with them!"
— Don Livingston, Delta, BC Canada

"I am gearing up for a new season traveling around chasing the dream. I recently had a good friend Kim Russell build a set of clubs with the Steelfiber i110 shafts. This is the first I have ever used them and I think they are an amazing product. It took a week or two to get used to the feel having used Dynamic Gold for many years. I was shocked at how stable they are throughout the swing and especially at impact. The only adjustment was a slightly different timing on squaring up the face. I have noticed a tighter shot dispersion and picked up a few yards. I will be competing this season on the PGATour Latin America. I am looking forward to a great season with your product! Thanks again. "
— Matt Schall, PGA Tour Latin America Player

"May I say to you the SteelFiber iron shafts are the best I have ever used, and you know I've been playing this game for a while. The feel, control and the ability to hit the right distance is unbelievable. The shafts I use in my irons are your SteelFiber i95, expertly custom fitted by Precision Golf in Surrey, England. "
— Colin Montgomerie, Champions Tour, PGA Hall-of-Famer

"WOW! Your ALT 470 shaft really has delivered on improved accuracy with my G Series Ping 8-iron. I played in an all-ages tournament with 33 other folks, including five single-digit handicappers, and, on just the second time I hit my 'new' 8-iron, I stuck it 3 feet 7 inches on a 123-yard par 3 to win the Closest to the Pin contest. That's the fastest shot-making and financial return on investment I have ever had with any golf club in 66 years of playing golf. Needless to say, I will be purchasing four more shafts for the rest of my irons. Love your driver shaft, as well, in my 'new' Ping G 30. Length is now 47-inches and the 20 added yards are there too. My thanks to you and your engineers, technical, marketing and manufacturing folks for some right away, great results and renewed excitement in playing the game."
— Joe S.

"My irons were recently re-shafted with SteelFiber i80 graphite shafts and I want to let you know how pleased I am with them. I enjoy the soft feel, the solid sensation without vibration with a pure strike, and am hitting them about 1/2 club longer than my previous steel shafted irons. These shafts have given me a lot of confidence playing and am enjoying the clubs immensely."
— Jim C.

"I purchased SteelFiber i70 stiff iron shafts from in Jan. 2016 for my son Ronan. The SteelFiber were far more stable and consistent that the previous manufactures graphite models he was using. His results have improved and his handicap has dropped from -1.6 to -3.5. He recently won his first senior major in the Irish golf calendar - the Mullingar Scratch Cup. It has been won by all the Who’s Who of Irish Golf, including Rory McIlroy, Padraic Harrington, Shane Lowery, Des Smyth, Phillip Walton, and Paul McGinley. Ronan shot rounds of 69, 68, 70 and 71 for 10-under par and won by five shots. The event has World Golf Ranking points and included a number of Irish Internationals. Ronan is now ranked 841 in the World."
— Tom Mullarney

"Just wanted let you know that the Steelfiber i95s shafts are amazing. I've been playing golf my whole life, and I recently picked up a set of Ping S55 irons fit with the SteelFiber i95s. Not only did I gain a half club over my other clubs, these are easier to swing, and ridiculously straight. I've never hit the ball this straight and consistently with any irons I've ever used, and I've used them all. Every blade/shaft combo that you can imagine, I've tried. You have got a terrific product, and it's all I'll use from now on. "
— Skip Small, Lancaster, SC

"I have a set of your SteelFiber i110 iron shafts. I love them. BEST SHAFTS EVER! I am 57-years-old and may need to go lighter one day, but right now I'm hitting them 10- to 15-yards further then anything else. They are in a set of Mizuno MP-54 irons. Thanks for creating such awesome and beautiful shafts."
— Tim Ford, Arllington, Texas

"For the last two weeks I have been comparing your Claymore MX48 F4 shaft to my Adila Silver Rouge 60 and I am delighted to say that I think the MX48 F4 is fantastic and definitely a fairway finding shaft on par with the Adila. However the MX48 is at least 10 yards longer than the Adila which always makes the second shot a lot easier. This was backed up by comparing both shafts using a GC2 launch monitor which showed an average of 12 yards further! Many thanks."
— Tim, Guernsey, Channel Islands

"I have been playing your MX48 F5 shaft in my driver now for around three weeks. It is hard to figure out one's driving distance on the course but I know without a doubt I am at least 15-20 yards longer with the MX48 over any of the other shafts I have had in my main driver, including a couple that were four times the cost. This is one great shaft and it needs to be promoted more strongly. You guys are known for your shafts for irons, but not for woods. Let's change that! "
— Don Thompson

"After playing DG X100s for 30 years, I recently switched to Steelfiber i110 shafts on my new irons (R15 TPs). Your staff's suggestion to go to the i110 instead of the i125 was spot on. I am a scratch golfer and play five days a week. I have had my new irons for one month now and I love them. I was scared to make the switch after so many years of playing X100s. Turns out the shafts perform as well as the X100s with the added benefit that my elbow and wrist are not taking a beating. Keep up the good work."
— Kurt Wolmart

"The best players at our golf club have been replacing their factory-installed shafts with high quality Aerotech SteelFiber golf shafts. I originally was shopping for a new TaylorMade RSi irons with Aerotech shafts but I found AT Golf Sales online and contacted them about buying a demo set to test. My assistant pro (+3, 300 yds.+ off the tee, broke course record w/61 at a club in Missouri in Sept. 2015 - in short, a real player) and I (being almost twice his age & 10 handicap) ordered a set of Turbo Power TiS clubheads only to test them. We installed an Aerotech SteelFiber i80 shaft into the 8-iron head with Golf Pride CP2 Pro grip and, quite frankly, were astonished by the results! Both of us, a 10 and a PGA professional, could not believe how amazing that club felt - solid, true, and hot! We were both hitting beautiful, high draws - and with the high quality materials to go with the AT Golf heads, these cast iron heads FELT LIKE FORGED CLUBS. Everyone who tried them loved the feel and quality."
— Richard R., Bellingham, WA

"Thank you for introducing me to John at JTClubs in San Francisco, Calif. After two fitting sessions, hitting over 200 balls, over 15 shafts tried (few shafts of different weight and flex from each brand KBS, Nippon, Aerotech etc), we decided that SteelFiber i95 shafts (regular flex) are the best for me. To me they have the best feel, best average carry, best smash factor, best group, and smallest concentrated sweet spot hit. My 6-iron swing speed average with the SteelFiber i95 was 91mph and carry average 195 yards. Now I just have to wait till I get my clubs made and replicate what I did on that simulator on to the course."
— Hengky Muljono, Pleasanton CA

"I had SteelFiber i95 shafts installed in my AP1 712 irons and the SteelFiber i110 shafts in my wedges. I have never hit my irons better in my life. I recently shot a 5-under 30 on our front 9 at Great Hills in Austin, TX, and had three fellow players want to hit my irons to test the shafts after we played. Two of those ordered sets with i95 shafts the next week. I have never been more excited about my clubs during my entire 35-year career in golf."
— Jim Morgan, Austin TX, PGA of America member

"I play the SteelFiber i95 iron shafts and really love the feel and performance they give me. Moving away from the x100's and into the SteelFiber i95's has allowed me to develop three different trajectories, instead of just a high and low. Plus, I've picked up a few more yards in the process."
— Cameron Beckman, PGA Tour pro

"When I switched to Aerotech Golf shafts, I was looking for a lighter weight iron shaft that could provide me with the consistent ball flight and spot on distance control. Aerotech's SteelFiber shafts fit the bill perfectly. The SteelFiber technology has allowed me to take advantage of all the benefits of a graphite shaft yet still maintain complete control over my golf ball."
— Matt Kuchar, PGA Tour pro

"I was first introduced to the Aerotech Claymore shaft by John Greenwood of Greenwood's Golf Clubs. The Claymore is a revolutionary shaft that offers the feel and feedback of traditional playing shafts, yet produces the tremendous distance of long drive oriented shafts. The Aerotech Claymore is extremely stable and consistent with a nice kick through impact, and these attributes have made it my shaft of choice when I tee it up in Long Drive competitions."
— Dan Depner, Three-Time ReMAX World Long Drive Championship Open Division Finalist

"Last year...I was looking for a composite shaft that had the performance characteristics similar to the Dynamic Gold steel shafts I play in my irons. I found that performance with the SteelFiber Shaft."
— Jack Nicklaus, winner of 73 PGA Tour events including a record setting twenty major championship titles

"I have been competing with the best long drivers in the world for over 10 years and I cant over estimate the importance of a quality golf shaft that gives me the results I need to excel with the best. Since using the Claymore golf shaft in my Mercury Savage head, I have increased my club speed 4-6 mph and have obtained ball speeds that have enabled me to confidently compete and win at the highest level of long driving in the world - "ReMax World Long Drive Championships." I have to also admit that with the assistance of master club builder John Greenwood that my performance and confidence with the claymore shaft has reached its highest."
— Tomislav Kralj "Croatian Crusher", 10-Time World Long Drive Finalist

"I wanted to let you know that the irons I recently put together using your Aerotech Steel-Fiber shafts are working great for me and I couldn't be happier with them. I shafted some new old-stock RAM Tour Grind compact forged heads with your i80’s in the irons and your i95's in my wedges and I’m really hitting them great. They feel so good to me and I just wanted to commend you and your company on these awesome golf shafts. Many thanks."
— Gary Lowery

"From the first strike I knew I was going to enjoy these shafts. They are smooth, stable and incredibly consistent. I've played 135g Dynamic Gold X100 steel shafts all my life, but these 95g SteelFiber shafts are more consistent and far easier to swing than the steel I've been using. The vibration dampening is great, and a pure strike feels like the ball wasn't even there. So far, I'm finding that the ball simply wants to go straight. It actually takes more effort to hit draws and fades with these, which is something new for me. I am a huge fan!"
— John F Duval, Editor, www.intothegrain.com

"I am a professional clubmaker. A customer with a 100mph swing speed asked me about SteelFiber i95 shafts. I found them from a supplier, installed them in Wishon Golf's new 575 Forged Irons. My customer stated "I am about 1-1.5 clubs further with these shafts than anything I have ever hit before." I asked if I could try hitting them. I did and they were as straight as I could point. What a great feeling club. Straight every time. I ordered the SteelFiber i80's for my new set of irons. I have to say just like my customer: I am about 1-1.5 clubs further down the fairway with the i80's than I was before and straight every time. These shafts feel very stable, right from the first swing."
— Bob Roberts, Parbob Golf, Lake City, FL

"I have had a clubbuilder in the last six months re-shaft all my clubs with the SteelFiber shafts. They are just incredible. I was skeptical at first. But I will not use anything else. Thank you so much."
— Vincent Gaglio

"I installed SteelFiber 95 shafts in some Mizuno MP-30 irons, and I thought I would provide you with some feedback.
  The SteelFiber 95 shafts make some aspects of conventional clubmaking obsolete. I have built hundreds of clubs for myself and others over the past 20 years and always found that installing a lighter weight shaft decreased the swingweight. Not so with the SteelFiber 95.
  Swing weights with SteelFiber increased to D5 from D3 with Project X steel. The SteelFiber must have the lowest balance point of any shaft that I have used previously.
  It is great to have the option of building lightweight clubs while retaining a decent controllable feeling/swingweight.
  Wow! And awesome are words that spring immediately to mind. While I have as yet only hit these reshafted irons on the range, they feel great. I could feel the shaft accelerating and launching the ball. I estimate my distances were increased by as much as 5 metres without any feeling of loss of control.
  My plan was to keep them for later on as I got older and may still do this. However they are good enough to go in the bag for some game time now and the extra distance will be hard to resist as I am already on the wrong side of 60 years of age. I might get another set of SteelFiber shafts and put them in my primary set of Titleist irons.
  I can feel the shaft accelerating and launching the ball yet there was no lack of consistency shot to shot. I estimate that my distances with them are increased by as much as 5 metres, almost back to my heyday distances #4 iron close to 180mtrs, #5 close to 170mtrs.
  Thanks for producing such a good product, a real quantum leap in technological development. I suspect that the steelfiber will be huge in terms of market impact when the word spreads. I have already recommended them to two friends for whom I have done reshafts in the past. My local club pro had not heard of them but was very interested in my reports of them."
— Phil Marshall, Sunshine Coast Qld Australia

"I recently installed a SS75 fairway shaft (R-flex) in a customer's Wishon 915 Fairway/Hybrid 18-degree. This customer took my recommendation for this shaft. He was hitting his 5-wood right at 200 yards before changing to the SS75. After I installed the SS75, he came back to the shop and asked me to play golf with him. He is now hitting his same 5-wood over 220 yards and straighter than ever before. I cannot say enough good things about these shafts, and they perform better than shafts costing much more. They continue to amaze me."
— Bob Roberts, Professional Clubmaker

"I had a wrist injury several years ago and recently decided after much research to change my shafts to the SteelFiber CW110 from Dynamic Gold SL. The shafts are much easier to load than most other graphite shafts and produce a consistent non-ballooning ball flight. The iron shots produce a nice dispersion pattern and they can be moved in either direction with ease. There is a dampened impact with the ground and in the cold (at least to 31 degrees). As a side note, my friends are a bit concerned as my 5 begins to plummet back down to where it once was, and perhaps translates to some senior success as I turn 50 next year."
— Dr. Rich Brown

"I have just had my shafts changed in my Mizuno JPX irons, from steel to the SteelFiber i80 shaft. What can I say, wow, these are truly amazing shafts. My game has improved greatly, straighter and my accuracy has also improved. Keep up the good work."
— Steve, United Kingdom

"Just wanted to drop an email about my experience with the i80 Steelfiber Shafts. I had them installed in my Ping G2 irons in the spring of 2011. I have played graphite shafts since 1995 and I have been looking for a shaft that was as good as the Loomis GL382 I had in the Ping's I played in college. I must say that after two years of use, they are the most stable and consistent shafts I have ever used. I can easily move the ball high and low and left and right. Additionally, I have gained 10 yards of distance and moved my index from 2.4 down to +2.1 over the course of the last two years. These are truly fantastic iron shafts and well worth the price! Thanks!"
— Brent Mertz, Kansas City, MO

"I've now hit my Bridgestone J40 irons with SteelFiber shafts twice. They are fantastic! Trajectory is high but controllable. Feel is great! Plus, there was absolutely no impact on my ailing elbows. Thanks very much."
— Dan McElroy, Dallas, Texas

"Just wanted to once again thank you for your patience and professional assistance in helping me select my new Steelfiber shafts. I have now installed them and played with them several times. I have the Claymore in my driver the SS65 in my 3 and 5 woods and the i95's in my 3-LW. All I can say is "Fantastic"!! They far exceed my initial expectations and believe me I had very high expectations! The trajectory, feel, dispersion is absolutely ideal. I can't be more satisfied with the shafts. They absolutely woke up my Ping i20 irons and the Claymore was longer with a tighter more predictable flight and the SS65's gave me a higher more desirable flight as well as making it easier for me to flight the ball out of tighter lies. These shafts are the best ever and I predict they become extremely popular with more and more golfers as the best kept secret gets out! Thanks again for your help and I am an unpaid advocate for Aerotech to help spread the word about your quality products."
— Dennis Robertson

"Just wanted to thank you for making a awesome product. I have SteelFiber i95 shafts (R-flex) in my Callaway X22 Tour irons and I can-t believe how well they perform. Many times you hear all the hype, but with your product, it's true. I've never had such consistent ball flight, and I've honestly gained actual yardage. These shafts are unbelievable! I've been telling anyone who will listen about your shafts. Thank you!"
— Bob Josefson, Cortland, Ill.

"I received my Mizuno MP52 clubs today following the fitting of the Aerotech Steelfiber i95 shafts. Just returned from the practice range and the performance was spectacular. I always enjoyed the feel of the Mizuno clubs but felt that my old steel shafts did not do them justice. The new Steelfiber shafts generated the elevation I was looking for and has added considerable length improvement. The quality of your workmanship has provided me with a great set of crafted irons. I am now eager to try them on the course. Many thanks for your excellent service."
— Chris Allen, United Kingdom

"Thank you for a great product. I have just installed i95 SteelFiber shafts into a new set of Callaway xHot pro series irons, which had Project X6 steel shafts. The difference with the i95 shafts are unbelievable, much better distance and dispersion. I only wish I had found these Aerotech shafts years ago. If anyone is wondering whether or not to change club shafts, all I can say is go for it. You will not be disappointed."
— K. Dowling

"I put the Players Spec Ami99 shafts in a set of Scorgolf heads...best shaft/clubhead combination I have ever hit. I increased my trajectory by at least 30% (I have always been a low ball hitter and was looking for a way to hit it higher) and, because of a better launch angle, I hit the irons about 8-10 yards longer per club. The shaft is so stable. When I try to draw or fade the ball, it comes off the face just as I want and is so predictable. Thank you so much."
— Tim Krumnow, PGA Professional/Master Club Fitter

"I am what you would call a "golf junkie" with many drivers, putters and sets of irons in my basement. My pride and joy has always been WRX PING irons and at 51 years old, I am slowly migrating to graphite shafts in my irons. A few months back, I picked up a rare set of PING J-Spec Rapture irons on eBay (Japan issue) 5-AW with SST PURED Aerotech SteelFiber i95 S-Flex shafts. I heard your shafts were the best feeling and performing composite shafts on the market, so I was pretty excited when I won the auction. Ever since I started using the irons and your SteelFiber i95''s, I noticed a huge difference! Improved (higher) ball flight, tighter shot dispersion, more distance and amazing feel! Can you ask for more? I think not. That 5-iron jumped off the face, penetrated the wind, never left the flag, landed on the front of the green, one hop, and rolled into the cup. I have NEVER hit iron shots like I am now with Aerotech SteelFiber shafts. Period! You now have a customer for life and I'll surely be singing the praises of your products to all my golfing buddies! Thank you for helping me achieve a 40 year old dream of joining the Hole-In-One Club!"
— Jiri (George) Pichl, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

"I would just like to thank you all at Areotech Golf for making such a great product. The i95 Aerotech SteelFiber shafts are truly fantastic. I waited far too long to do this. The feel and accuracy I am achieving with these shafts are amazing. Your suggestions on flex and weight of shaft were perfect. I replaced my Mizuno JPX 800 pros shafts (Dynamic XP stiff) with the Areotech i95 reg flex. Finally my tempo is back. I am striking the ball more pure and confidently than ever before. The testimonial section of your website really helped me in going ahead with my decision. Any one wanting to improve their game should really consider these shafts. Again thank you and I will continue to use these shafts forever."
— Milos Basara, Vancouver, Canada

"I just wanted to say thank you. I am in love with these shafts and I tell EVERYONE about it. I have hit better quality golf shots than I have ever hit in my life with SteelFiber i95 shafts. I am controlling my trajectory and working the ball like never before. It is truly amazing just how much of a difference your shafts have made in my golf game."
— Bryce R. Moore, Assistant Golf Professional, Shamrock Golf Club

"I just wanted to personally thank you for the opportunity in playing your shafts. Zane at Cool Clubs Australia has been helping me greatly in trying to find a missing link with my irons as I'm trying to move from Titleist 710 AP2's into 714 AP2's. I had Project X in 710's but nothing seemed to feel right in the 714 heads til now. Zane suggested the Steelfiber shafts as I'm looking to go lighter to increase my clubhead and ball speed. Amazing. Zane built them just in time as he finished them at 7:30pm last Thursday and I left for Japan first thing Friday. Straight away I said to Zane "WOW, Where has this shaft been all my career?" The shaft was incredible. I have never in my 15 years as a Tour pro hit a shaft that felt as good as the Steelfiber i95. The contact feels like I'm hitting a tennis ball it seems to stay on the face longer with a softer feel, yet my ball speed had increased 3-4 mph. The stability control is amazing. I know where the clubhead is at all times which enables me to hit any shape I want with great distance control and accuracy. Even a miss hit has a solid feel without loosing much distance or accuracy. I'm playing in Japan this week and your shafts are in the bag and look forward to finding out how good the Steelfiber i95 shaft performs under pressure."
— Brad Kennedy

"I have been a personalized pro-line clubmaker for 34 years. Just recently I started installing Aerotech Golf products for my customers. One customer had soreness in his elbow and asked if I had any Aerotech products in stock. I had one SteelFiber i95 that I put in his 5-iron. Within two weeks, I replaced all three sets of his irons with that shaft. He is a very happy man. I also replaced all my own irons with i95's. Thank you."
— Bob Davies, Bob's Custom Golf Clubs, Murrieta, CA

"I LOVE my new irons and the SteelFiber i70s!!!! These clubs don't "jiggle" or hiccup at the bottom of the swing. I never knew my old irons jiggled until I began playing these new ones. The SteelFiber i70s feel very streamlined throughout the swing, and I can feel the head and it stays up with me. Everything is effortless, like a warm knife through butter! Thanks!"
— Thomas Finn,The Sea Island Golf Club, Sea Island, GA

"I did some fairly big changes with my iron shafts. Having played the same shafts for the last 6 years, I was looking for a different feel with higher launch. I found that in the Aerotech SteelFiber i95 shafts. They feel super easy to hit which is an awesome feeling. According to the launch monitor, they also go about 5-8 yards longer, higher and with a tighter dispersion than my old shafts. What's not to like about that?"
— Thomas Petersson, Tour Player, PGA Tour China

"I purchased a SteelFiber 110cw shaft and put it in my 4-iron and I absolutely LOVE it. I do not see any ballooning whatsoever, and my dispersion is remarkable. I gained almost 10 yards while maintaining the accuracy I desire. These shafts are truly amazing and have full intentions on re-shafting the rest of my set with the 110s! I will be recommending these shafts to everyone I talk to from here on out."
— Jimmy Palmyra, N.J.